Collection: Vape Wire & Mesh

Bear's Vapes has a wide range of Vape Wire and Mesh for your RDA or RTA, from plain round SS, KA1, Ni80, Ni90 and Titanium wires to more exotic Juggernaut, Alien, Fused Clapton, Tiger or Hive Vape Wire. How about competition wires from Anarchist, Wire Doctor or Wotofo?

UK Flatwire? Got it. Not just the Flat Vape Wire they're so famous for, in Nichrome, SS and HW6015, but also Flapton - Clapton Vape Wire built with Flatwire!

We even stock Mesh Vape Wire from Digiflavor and Vandy Vape

Vape Wire is not only for people who like to build their own coils, but also like to construct more exotic wires. Not only is it greatly satisfying, but it also reduces even further the cost of vaping. What's not to like?

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