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Coilology MTL Staple Wire 10ft Reel Ni80 or SS316L

Coilology MTL Staple Wire 10ft Reel Ni80 or SS316L

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Coilology MTL Staple Wire 10ft Reel features an intuitive way to experiment with exotic coil configurations, featuring distinctive build structures for an advanced rebuildable experience. Coilology MTL Staple Wire is packed in a roll of 10 Feet with the utilization of Nichrome 80 and SS316L heating elements, designed with fast ramp-up time and long-lasting capability.

Specially machine-twisted for a precise weave and high consistency throughout each spool.

Coilology MTL Staple Wire Features:

Coilology MTL Staple Wire SS316l, 4-.1*.3/40, Resistance Ω/ft = 1.90

Coilology MTL Staple Wire NI80, 4-.1*.3/40, Resistance Ω/ft = 3.06


10ft Reel Coilology MTL Staple Wire
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