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Coils by Scott are a UK company producing premium quality coils using only the highest grade wires. Each coil is expertly crafted and cleaned after production.

When it comes to handmade pre-built coils, look no further than Coils By Scott. These are some of our favourite coils for rebuildables and because they're pre-built, all you have to do is install them and start vaping! Every coil is handmade and crafted with high grade wire to provide an unbeatable vaping experience. With an emphasis on quality and a passion for vaping, these coils are used by the very best vapers out there.

We stock Coils By Scott in a wide range of different sizes and resistances to suit every type of vaper. Whether you’re after a tighter draw and more discreet vapour or you're big on cloud-chasing, we have a coil for you. Whether this is your first venture into RTAs or you're an RBA veteran, you cannot beat these premium coils.

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