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Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps 4 Pack

Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps 4 Pack

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Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps are an easy to use battery wrap that can be used to restore any 21700/ 20700 size Battery. These wraps are perfect for replacing a damaged PVC wrap or adding extra protection to your batteries.

Damaged PVC wraps can compromise a battery and become safety concern. By removing the damaged material and replacing it, you can easily and inexpensively restore your unsafe batteries.

Made from heat shrink PVC tubing, the Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps are shrunk in place using very little heat from a heat source such as a heat gun (ON ITS LOWEST SETTING!) or hair dyer. The tubes shrink to fit your battery perfectly and leave it looking new.

Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps Features:

Shrinkage ratio:58%
Flat diameter:36 mm (before shrinkage)
Shrink diameter: 20 - 21mm (depending on 20700 or 21700 battery)
Wall thickness: 0.1mm (before shrinkage)
Suit: For Li-ion 20700, 21700 Batteries only.
High quality
Durable design

User needs to heat shrink the Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps onto their battery. There are dozens of videos online showing how it is done and we recommend you look at some before attempting

What's in the pack:

4 x Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps

WARNING! DO NOT wrap a damaged battery. Wraps are intended to replace damaged wraps. Wraps will not fix a damaged battery. Damaged batteries should be disposed of responsibly and replaced.

We recommend using a hairdryer when applying your new Smoking is Dead 21700 Battery Wraps. The old wrap MUST be removed first! Take care not to lose the insulator ring from the positive end.

Damaged batteries can be dangerous, scrapes and tears in the wrap can cause direct shorts, potentially leading to battery venting and even fires. Re-wrapping cells is not only cheap, its effective and very easy to do.

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