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Smok TFV 12 RBA-T Triple Coil RBA

Smok TFV 12 RBA-T Triple Coil RBA

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The Smok TFV 12 RBA-T. As always, SMOK are ahead of the pack with this 25mm diameter, triple coil rebuildable atomizer. With three coils positioned over precision-drilled airflow ports and additional central airflow, this is a stratospheric cloud-maker.

The triangular arrangement of the three coils within the Smok TFV 12 RBA-T is a unique innovation that’s been pulled-off with remarkable ingenuity by the designers. Rather than the usual terminal posts, the coil leads are pushed down into holes drilled through the actual deck. The positive terminal drillings feature insulated sleeves to isolate the terminal wires from the deck metal.

The terminal connectors are another innovative feature. Each coil is secured by 2 hex-headed screws. The negative terminal screws are located outside the build deck, mid-way down the barrel of the Smok TFV 12 RBA-T.

The positive screws can be found around the positive pin on the base of the RBA. This unique arrangement helps to make coil connection quick and simple. You just need to remember to keep each coil’s positive wire long enough to slip cosily into the full length of its insulating sleeve. The Smok TFV 12 RBA-T comes pre-fitted with three fat Clapton coils.

Smok TFV 12 RBA-T Triple Coil RBA Features:

RBA metal: Stainless steel

Style: Large, triple coil rebuildable atomizer (RBA)

Coils positioned in triangular arrangement

Deck access: 25mm diameter, screw threaded sleeve

Pre-fitted with 3 spaced Clapton coils

Features 3 x build-friendly e juice wicking wells

Wicking cotton not included

Central airflow + individual airflow ports below each coil

Post-free design with terminals built into deck

Insulated holes for long positive coil wires

Terminal screws: 6 x hex headed Allen screws (side & bottom access)

Mini Allen key included in kit

Comes with spare seals

Deep wick placement wells reduce risk of dry hits

Big, no-post build deck for fast DIY building

Great flavour extractor

Colossal cloud generator

What's in the box:

Smok TFV 12 RBA-T

3 x Spaced Clapton Coils (unwicked)

Allen Key

Spare Allen Screw Set

Spare o-rings

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