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Smok Spirals RBA - Postless Single Coil Deck

Smok Spirals RBA - Postless Single Coil Deck

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Compatible with the Spirals Tank, the Smok Spirals RBA is a straightforward deck that allows you to build your own coils or wick the pre-fitted Clapton coil.

The coil that comes with the kit has a resistance of 0.55ohm, giving you satisfying cloud production and a phenomenal flavour experience.

The Smok Spirals RBA can deliver an incredibly tasty vape and dramatically reduce the cash that you spend on replacement Smok Spiral coils.

With such a dainty little DIY build deck, all you need is a steady hand to wick the fitted, DIY Clapton coil, then prime it with your favourite e juice. When the cotton finally loses its flavour, you just replace it with a fresh strand. Even the DIY Clapton coil is cheap and easy to replace when it gets to the end of its working life.
With so many excellent DIY coil building videos on YouTube, more vapers than ever are saving a few pounds by fitting and wicking coils in their own rebuildable atomizers (RBA’s). This Smok Spirals RBA Coil Kit requires a little dexterity, along with some basic knowledge about coil wires, battery safety and Ohm’s law.

The Smok Spirals RBA comes pre-fitted with a DIY Clapton coil. With fatter wire and a reputation for great flavour, a Clapton coil is the perfect match for the terminal spacing on this simple, 2 screw RBA deck.

Smok Spirals RBA Features:

Case metal: Stainless steel

Insulation: PEEK

Style: Small, single coil rebuildable atomizer (RBA)

Deck access: Unscrew RBA barrel

Pre-fitted with a 0.55 Ohm, spaced Clapton DIY coil

Airflow: Through RBA base to central tube below coil

Airflow pattern: Covers full length of DIY coil

Terminals: 2 x Philips head screws (insulated positive screw)

Mini screwdriver included in kit

Comes with 2 spare O rings

Dual, oval e juice wicking ports

Easy building – particularly with DIY Clapton coils

Generates superb flavour

Great cloud production

What's in the box:

Smok Spirals RBA section

0.55 Ohm Spaced Clapton Coil (Fitted Unwicked)


4 x replacement Phillips head screws

2 x o-rings

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