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Smok Brit Mega Replacement Coils 3pk

Smok Brit Mega Replacement Coils 3pk

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Smok Brit Mega Replacement Coils are compatible with the Brit Cloud Tank that comes with SMOK’s Brit One Mega Starter Kit.

Like many SMOK products, Smok Brit Mega Replacement Coils feature a host of ingenious, performance enhancing features. The wicking ports are longer to optimise e juice delivery to the dual, Kanthal wire core. The Smok Brit Mega Replacement Coils body has a conical profile. The cone helps to compress the vapour and increase flavour intensity.

Though they are designed specifically for producing bigger clouds at lower wattages, SMOK Mega B2 replaceable coils also deliver superb flavour. These dual core, 0.3 or 0.4 Ohm Kanthal wire coils are rated to fire between 20 and 50 Watts.


0.3 or 0.4 Ohm dual core Kanthal atomizer coil

Rated at 20 to 50 Watts (30 Watts recommended)

Designed for increased cloud production at low wattage

Conical coil barrel intensifies e juice flavours

Elongated wicking ports for enhanced e juice delivery

Thick, organic Japanese cotton wicking material

100% Genuine SMOK B2 atomizer coil

What's in the box:

3 x Smok Brit Mega Coils

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