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iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks & RDA Base

iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks & RDA Base

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iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks and Coils presents a fully swap-able build deck designed for high performance coil configurations.

Designed for use with the ultra-versatile COMBO RDTA, each deck is integrated with a signature design, ranging from the modern clamp-style two-post to the traditional split-post deck. 

Each deck measures 20.5mm in diameter, constructed with 24K Gold-Plating and PEEK insulators.

To install these iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks, you simply unscrew the deck from your Combo and screw in the replacement deck.

There is also an RDA base, this allows you to use any of the decks and the barrel of the Combo RDTA and run it as an RDA.

Not only are these iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks compatible with the Combo RDTA, they are also compatible with the Combo II RDTA and the Combo RDA.

The RDA base is designed to fit in the 25mm iJoy Combo series, but might be compatible with your 25mm RDA, although the RDA base is quite tall so would require a tall RDA barrel in which to fit. 

Finally, there is also a pre-built coil option, the IMC Coil. This is a dual coil, pre-wicked solution. At 0.3 Ohm, the recommended power is between 40 and 80 Watts. Just screw out your deck and screw in the IMC Coil, juice up and away you go.

Don't know what one to buy? Why not go for the Bumper Bundle and get all 6 decks and an RDA base.

iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks Features:

20.5mm Diameter

24K Gold-Plated Build Deck

PEEK Insulator

IMC-1 - Two-Post w/ Clamp Mechanism

IMC-2 - Spring-Loaded Two-Post w/ Clamp

IMC-3 - Two-Post, Quad Terminals (Side Secured)

IMC-4 - Two-Post, Two Terminals (Top Secured)

IMC-5 - Two-Post, Two Large Terminals (Four-Point Secure)

IMC-6 - Split-Positive Post, Four Terminals (Top Secured)

RDA Base - Turn your Combo RDTA into an RDA

IMC Coil - a pre-built 0.3 Ohm coil

What's in the box:

iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks - your choice from one of the build-decks listed above.

IMC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 also come with spare screws

Alternatively, choose the Bumper Bundle and you will receive 1 RDA Base and SIX iJoy Combo RDTA Build Decks (IMC-1, IMC-2, IMC-3, IMC-4, IMC-5 and IMC-6)

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