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Flatwire UK

Flatwire UK Flapton

Flatwire UK Flapton

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Flatwire UK Flapton is a uniquely drawn flattened Premium Vape Wire, which provides users with an unbeatable surface area and improvement in flavour.

In stead of using traditional round wire to create a wrap around a thicker round wire, Flatwire UK Flapton is made with flat wire for both the core and the wrap.

The advantage over traditional Clapton wire is that Flatwire UK Flapton wire has an even greater surface are, therefore more e-liquid can be trapped between the grooves of the wire and, subsequently, more e-liquid is vaporised.

Flatwire UK Flapton Features:

Big Surface area

Low Resistance

Incredible Flavour

Flatwire UK Flapton is available in the following configurations:

Note - the use of "g" is to denote the flat wire equivalent of round wire gauges.

Kanthal Flapton (24g Core, 32g outer wire)

SS316l Flapton (24g Core, 32g Outer wire)

Ni80 Flapton (22g Core, 38g Outer wire)

Ni90 Flapton (24g Core, 32g Outer Wire)

Flat60 Flapton "hw6016" (24g Core, 32g Outer wire)

FLAT60 - hw6015 is 62% Nickel, 14% Chromium, 2.5% Silicon, 2% Manganese and the balance is made up of SS and Ti

What's in the pack:

10ft Spool of chosen Flatwire UK Flapton Wire

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