Diamond Mist

Diamond Mist Premium Starter Kit

Diamond Mist Premium Starter Kit

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Diamond Mist Premium Starter Kit is an affordable product and easy to use. It's extremely popular and all you need to do next is choose your e-liquid and then your ready to enter the world of “vaping”.

Diamond Mist are renowned for their exclusive electronic cigarettes. To ensure maximum performance and assurance Diamond Mist Liquid is now MANUFACTURED IN THE UK.

The electronic cigarettes are presented within in a sophisticated and customised carry case. The kit contains an extra high capacity 900mAh rechargeable battery unlike many other brands who may use a lower performing 650mAh battery.

Diamond Mist Premium Starter Kit Features:

Clearomizer - Enabling clear view of the amount of e-liquid remaining

900mAh Rechargeable battery Offers up to1500 puffs per charge!

Overheating Safety Cut-Off – Not Featured on Cheaper Imports

Re-charge Time of 3 to 4 Hours

High capacity battery can be used and then recharged up to 300 times.

Unique “Clearomizer” enables a clear and measured view of the amount of e-liquid remaining in your e-cig unit

Easy to refill, wash and clean and very inexpensive to maintain.

Large and interesting range of flavoured e-liquids/vapours/flavours available!

Purchase e-liquids together with this starter kit and save on your postage costs - see product links!

What's in the box:

Diamond Mist Premium eGo 900mAh rechargeable battery

Diamond Mist Clearomizer Mini Pro Tank 2 - which holds up to 1.6ml of e-liquid

eGo USB Charging Cable

Customised Storage / Pocket Case

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