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Coilology Coil Kit Performance 7 in 1 42 Prebuilt Coils Ni80 or SS316L

Coilology Coil Kit Performance 7 in 1 42 Prebuilt Coils Ni80 or SS316L

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Coilology Coil Kit Performance 7-in-1 Prebuilt Coils are designed for high-performance set-ups within a collection of seven exotic coil configurations in pre-coiled settings that eliminates the hassle of wire building. Each set consists of 42 coils and 12 strands of high quality cotton in a handy carry-case.

Coilology Coil Kit Features:

Ni80 Coilology Coil Kit:

Fused Clapton – 0.34ohm 2-26g/36g - Fused Clapton is 2 x 26g wire wrapped in 36g wire.

Tri-Core Fused Clapton – 0.21ohm 3-26g/36g - Tri-Core Fused Clapton is 3 x 26g wire wrapped in 36g wire.

Staple – 0.34ohm 8-0.1*0.3mm/36g - Staple coil is 8 ply of 0.1*0.3 ribbon wire stacked vertically and then wrapped by 36g round wires.

Framed Staple – 0.3ohm 2-28/4-0.1*0.3mm/36 - Framed Staple coil is 4 ply of 0.1*0.3 ribbon wire sandwiched by 2 28ga round wire then Claptoned by 36 wire.

Multi-Strands Fused Clapton – 0.32ohm 2-28g/9-38g/36g - Multi-strands Fused Clapton is 9 strands of 38g round wire twisted together then sandwiched by 2*28g round wire, then wrapped by 36g wire

Chain Link 0.4 ohm 4-28g - Chain Link is 2 twisted wire then twisted together oppositely.

Juggernaut – 0.36ohm 2-26/0.1*0.4mm/2-36 - Juggernaut coil is parallel 36g Clapton over 26g wire then fused with 1 ply of 0.1*0.4 ribbon wire.

SS316L Coilology Coil Kit:

Fused Clapton Coil: 2-26g/38g,0.29ohm

Tri-core Fused Clapton Coil: 3-28g/38g,0.33ohm

Staple Coil: 8-0.1*0.3mm/38g, 0.29ohm

Framed Staple Coil: 2-28g/4-0.1*0.3mm/38g, 0.26ohm

Multi-strands Fused Clapton Coil: 2-28g/9-38g/38g, 0.27ohm

Chain Link Coil: 4-28g, 0.33ohm

Juggernaut Coil: 2-26g/0.1*0.4mm/2-38g, 0.31ohm

What's in the Coilology Coil Kit:

42 x Coilology Pre-made Coils (6 of each of the 7 varieties noted above, either Ni80 or SS316L)

12 x Organic Cotton Strips

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