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Coil Master

Coil Master Skynet - 48 Pre-made Vape Coils

Coil Master Skynet - 48 Pre-made Vape Coils

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The Coil Master Skynet Kit is a fantastic collection of 8 high quality coils from one of the best manufacturers of Vape equipment. 6 of each coil, 48 coils in total. 3 of the coils are made from Ni80, 3 from KA1 and the other 2 coils use both types.

Most of the coil types within the Coil Master Skynet Kit need no introduction, but the Tortuosity deserves a special mention. Although misspelled it is named after a blood vessel's ability to twist around on itself - Turtuosity, the Tortuosity is just that - a single round 23g Ni80 wire that is twisted on itself. Quite ingenious, quite simple and is an utterly brilliant coil, just mis-named.

The coils within the Coil Master Skynet Kit all have an inner diameter of 3mm, with the exception of the 0.6ohm Clapton, which has an inner diameter of 2.8mm.

Coil Master Skynet Features:
8 Coil configurations, 6 of each coil for a total of 48 coils
Weight: 130g
Dimension: 148 x 25mm
Packing: Gift box

All of the Coil Master Skynet coils have an inner diameter of 3mm, except the Clapton which is 2.8mm

Fused Clapton 26g x 2 + 39g NI80 0.3ohm ±0.05

Tortuosity 23g NI80 0.22ohm ±0.05

Clapton Parallel 26g x 2 + 39 + 26g NI80 0.3ohm ±0.05

Interlock Clapton (26 + 32g) + 24g A1+ NI80 0.3ohm ±0.05

Fused Clapton (TWIST) 28g x 2 + 32g A1 0.45ohm ±0.05

Flat Clapton 0.3 x 0.8mm + 32g A1 0.45ohm ±0.05

Clapton 26g + 32g A1 0.6ohm ±0.05

Super Tiger Coil 22g + 0.4 x 0.08mm NI80 + A1 0.6ohm ±0.05

What's in the box:

Coil Master Skynet Coil Case
6 x Fused Clapton Coils
6 x Tortuosity Coils
6 x Clapton Parallel Coils
6 x Interlock Clapton Coils
6 x Fused Clapton (TWIST) Coils
6 x Flat Clapton Coils
6 x Clapton Coils
6 x Super Tiger Coils
Coil Master Lotto card

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