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Coil Master

Coil Master K Bag Mini - Vape Equipment Carry Case

Coil Master K Bag Mini - Vape Equipment Carry Case

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Coil Master K Bag Mini is a multi functional, multi purpose adjustable case for all your vape gear: tanks, batteries, coils and more in one compact case while still keeping your vaping supplies safe and sound. A practical and helpful travel case for carrying all your vaping necessities.

Carry your Mods, Atomizers, E-juice, wicking supplies and so much more, it's your Coil Master K Bag Mini - carry what you want.

The Coil Master K Bag Mini is the solution for carrying your everyday vaping products. Small and organised, it helps keep your kits and e-liquid safe and will fit into rucksacks and bags with ease. Featuring a discreet design and solid construction it won't look out of place in any environment. Thanks to the hardshell exterior and zip fastening your items are kept safe and secure.

Designed to carry your everyday set-up and accessories, the Coil Master K Bag Mini will hold up to one vape device, one bottle of e-liquid, three tanks / three extra bottles of e-liquid and a battery. There is also a netted enclosure on one half of the case to carry loose spares or smaller items, such as coils and charging cables. The elastic loops minimise rattle and reduce the chance of breakage.

Coil Master K Bag Mini Features:

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 230 x 155 x 47mm (9.1 x 6.1 x 1.8 ”)

Weight: 180g

Coil Master Travel Case

Solid Construction

Double Zip Fastening

Room for a Device, Tanks & E-Liquid

What's in the pack:

1 x Coil Master K Bag Mini

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