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Pod Vape Kits - that covers quite a broad spectrum of devices, from the relatively simple Voopoo Doric Q or Aspire Minican, through the more advanced OBS Alter and Smok Nord through to the Eleaf iStick P100 and Aspire Boxx.

One thing that is similar to all of the Pod Vape Kits is they don't have traditional 510 tanks. Some Pod Mods can be converted with a 510 adaptor, some cannot. Some Pods will have replaceable coils like a traditional tank, some will have built-in coils.

Some Pod Vape Kits come with built-in battery, some don't. We at bear's Vapes think batteries should be included and will always include a free battery or batteries with your Kit (there are a very few exceptions to this rule, just check the item page for details).

Bear's Vapes stocks one of the largest ranges of Pod Vape Kits in the UK, if you're needing any help or advice then please contact us, we're more than happy to help.

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