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Dat White Stuff

Dat White Stuff Cotton - Organic USA Cotton

Dat White Stuff Cotton - Organic USA Cotton

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Dat White Stuff Cotton, direct from the USA, Dat Vape delivers a cotton wool with incredible absorbency and totally tasteless! 

Dat White Stuff Cotton is produced to the highest standards - this means that no pesticides or bleaches are used. The 100% organic cotton reduces the risk of a dry hit by a high heat resistance enormously and provides a considerable life, before the cotton must be replaced again.

With Dat White Stuff Cotton, the freshly wrapped coil delivers a clear and unadulterated taste of your favourite e-liquid right from the start.

The Dat White Stuff Cotton is delivered in a sealed (resealable) package with 10 cotton strips totalling 10g. Delivered in strips that can be easily cut, pulled or torn and leaves nothing to be desired. Taste, longevity, absorbency - Dat's the Stuff!

Dat White Stuff Cotton Features:

10cm (3.93 inch) Strips

Approx 10g

Resealable Packet

Designed For Use With Rebuildable Atomisers

100% Organic

Medical Grade

Compatible With A Range Of Coils


Highly Absorbent
Clean tasting
Easy to tear for use in atomizers

What's in the pack:

10 x Dat White Stuff Cotton Strips


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