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Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted 5pc

Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted 5pc

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Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted are carefully fabricated using four separate strands of high-grade A1 Kanthal Resistance Wire. Similar to the way in which bridge cables are formed, the individual wires are then precisely machine-twisted to form a single unified strand of wire.

This quad-wire is then coiled, torched, and made ready for immediate use. The four-wire construction of the Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted results in substantially larger surface area, thereby providing for exceptionally large vapour production and intensified flavour.

Building your own atomizer coils offers a myriad of wonderful benefits that can make vaping much more pleasant and enjoyable. Rebuildables provide for unsurpassed flavour intensity and vapour production, which together deliver a genuinely superior vaping experience.

However, inasmuch as building custom atomizer coils are advantageous, doing so repeatedly is a tedious and painstaking task that requires advanced skills to perfect. That is where the Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted come into play. These remarkable coils have been meticulously machine-constructed to absolute perfection, thereby allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of rebuildables without the hassle of manually constructing the coils.

If you enjoy the benefits of rebuildable atomizer coils, but want the convenience of pre-built coils, these Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted are the perfect choice!

Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted Features:

Made with Four Individual Strands of Wire

Constructed with High-Grade Kanthal Resistance Wire

Machine Twisted to Precise Perfection

Pre-Torched and Ready for Use

Large Surface Area for Increased vapour Production

Designed to Operate with Virtually All Rebuildable Atomizers

Extremely Convenient and Time-Saving

Available in

26g (0.25 - 0.35ohm)

28g (0.35 - 0.45ohm)

What's in the pack:

5 x Wotofo Competition Coils Quad Twisted

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