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Uwell Rafale X RDA

Uwell Rafale X RDA

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The Uwell Rafale X RDA features a Neutral Post System, 3 types of mode for build deck configuration, spacious chamber design, patented Anti-Spit Back (ASB) wide-bore drip tip, and unique adjustable airflow intakes.

The patented Neutral Post System implements a dual post apparatus, with a single removable terminal "dummy" centre posts to resemble a split-post design. With the option of removing the centre post, the Uwell Rafale X RDA offers unprecedented building possibility, ranging from single, dual, quad, or other ultra complex coil builds.

The Uwell Rafale X RDA features three types of mode for configuration: Serial Coil Mode, Parallel Coil Mode, and Serialized Parallel Coil Mode.

Featuring 14mm Anti-Spit Back (ASB) wide-bore drip tip, with the option of removing the signature mouthpiece for personalized customization. Airflow furthers the capability of the Rafale X RDA, featuring Flavour Mode with a single air-slot on both sides, while Cloud Mode is built with three air-slots on both sides.

The culmination of premier dynamic functionality precisely designed by a critically acclaimed franchise, the Uwell Rafale X RDA is one of the most versatile rebuildable platform in the industry.

Uwell Rafale X RDA Features:

24mm Diameter

Superior Stainless Stell Construction

Patented Neutral Post System

Dual Post with Single Terminal "Dummy" Posts

Active Two-Post Design - Positve and Negative Post

Removable Neutral Center Post

PEEK Insulated

Three Modes: Serial Coil Mode, Parallel Coil Mode, Serialized Parallel Coil Mode

Unprecendented Build Possibilities - Ultra Complex

Dynamic Airflow Intake - Flavor Mode and Cloud Mode

14mm ASB Widebore Drip Tip System

Brass-Plated 510 Contact

What's in the box:

Uwell Rafale X RDA

Spare O-rings

Spare Screws


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