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Smok Novo Replacement Pods

Smok Novo Replacement Pods

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Smok Novo Replacement Pods for your Novo, Novo 2 or Novo 3 mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape kits.

Each 2ml Pod cartridge has a built-in mouthpiece, coil and polycarbonate e-liquid tank.

Smok has created a wide range of Novo pods over the years that cater to a significant collection of pod kits by the leading manufacturer, most commonly for their Novo products. If you didn't know already, in Latin "Novo" means "New", which is definitely the case for their latest products at least. Smok Novo Replacement Pods will fit in a wide range of Smok Pod Kits, see below for the list of compatible devices.

To fill a Novo Pod, simply pop open the silicone stopper on the side of the transparent e-liquid tank. After filling a new Pod, wait for at least 10 minutes before your first inhale. Taking a draw from a ‘dry’ coil is likely to burn the organic cotton wick.

The Smok Novo Replacement Pods Pack contains 3 replacement cartridges.

Smok Novo Replacement Pods Features:

Replacement Novo Pod with combined mouthpiece, tank & atomizer coil

Simple, clip attachment to the Novo battery section

Features a high-comfort, flattened mouthpiece

Attached silicone stopper for fast, easy filling (2ml capacity)

Built-in high performance SMOK atomizer coil

Dual, fixed air intakes

Delivers great flavour with a little extra cloud

100% Genuine SMOK Pod cartridge

Novo 0.8Ω Mesh Fast heating process, medium-high vapour production.

Novo 1.2Ω Single Meshed Air-driven pod system.

Novo 1.4Ω Ceramic High-temperature resistance, longer lifespan.

Novo 1.5Ω Regular Original MTL coil build.

With an amazing range of compatibility, these Smok Novo Replacement Pods are compatible with the following kits:

Smok Novo Kit

Smok Novo 2 Kit

Smok Novo 2C Pod Vape Kit

Smok Novo Master Pod Kit

Smok Novo Master Box Pod Vape Kit

Smok Novo 3 kit

Smok Propod GT Kit

They are NOT compatible with the Novo 2X, Novo 3X and Novo 4 kits.

What’s in the Box:

3 x Smok Novo Replacement Pods (coils pre-installed)


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