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Hellvape Aequitas RDA

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

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The Hellvape Aequitas RDA is made in collaboration with AmbitionZ VapeR, a respected vaping reviewer in the industry, to present a fully comprehensive rebuildable atomizer, featuring a Gold plated post-less raised style deck and top & bottom airflow.

The top cap barrel design of the Hellvape Aequitas RDA is clever as you can turn it upside down to select where the air intake slot is, so it can be a top or bottom airflow tank – to suit whatever build you are using.

The build deck of the Hellvape Aequitas RDA is gold plated and is a post-less style raised deck. The post holes are 2.5mm internal diameter so it should cope with some complex multiple core coils.

The post screws that are in the deck of the Hellvape Aequitas RDA on arrival are slotted screws and the spare ones in the box are hex screws, so for those of you that don’t like slotted ones, you have the possibility to use the hex ones instead. Another good thing is that the post screws come in from behind, meaning they won’t twist the legs on more complex coils like 3-core Aliens or similar.

In the box there is a Delrin 810 drip tip and a 510 adapter. Also included is a BF (bottom feed) pin for sqounk mods.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA Features:

24mm Diameter

Gold plated post-less raised style deck

2.5mm square post holes to handle any build you throw at it

9mm x 2mm airflow slots

2 options for airflow, top and bottom. Flip barrel upside down

Flat head and Allen Key screws included

810 Resin Drip Tip, 810 Delrin Drip Tip & 510 Stainless Steel Adapter included

Gold plated Squonk Pin included

Line up protruding lock on deck with opposite on barrel to properly align barrel to deck

Available Colours: Steel, Black, Full Black, Rainbow or Gold

What's in the box:

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

Derlin 810 Drip Tip

Stainless Steel 510 Adapter

Golden Hex BF Pin

4 x Spare Hex Screws

Spared O-rings

2 x Hex Screwdrivers

Slotted Screwdriver

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